Saturday, July 02, 2005

Good things

Katie had a wonderful week at First Act Academy.
The class was well organized and led by two gentle, creative teachers.
Katie was a good little student and I am very proud of her.

On Thursday night we attended Alice in Wonderland performed by the older students in the Academy. My new ( :o) ) friend's daughter would play the part of Alice.

Katie and I sat in the front row. She was totally attentive and very quiet.
(I have never taken this little 5 year old to a movie or a play in the past. She does not sit for long periods of time....quietly)

So there she sits, completely quiet and enraptured with the play.

The Queen of Hearts says her lines loudly and clearly. She says "Off with you head." over and over and over.

Nearing the end of the play, totally out of the blue and clear as a bell, Katie blurted, 'Why does she keep saying Off with their heads?'

It just snuck out. Everyone laughed. (It got the biggest laugh of the night)
I was mortified. But I know for sure that I have a child...who is just like me.

Here is my little thes-bee-ian.

New friend Amy took this class picture and last night I figured out how to crop a photo. (I did not feel right posting a picture of lots of children without their parents permission.)
Learning how to crop is a huge accomplishment for me!

How about that happy bee!?

In two weeks Katie will attend First Act Academy again. She will be a part of the Peter Pan production.
She's going to have a ball.

Encourage one another,

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