Saturday, July 30, 2005

A yarn about yarn.

Wendy @ Knit and Tonic is always running into a knitting snag of one kind or another.
She writes such an amusing blog about it too. Which is always great fun to read.

But I don't. I'm Miz Safe knitter. I usually choose yarn I am sure about. I knit patterns I am familiar with. No problems.

But this week I ordered yarn from Schoolhouse Press. The folks on the phone were very nice. The price was right. The yarn looked soft and perfect for the blanket I have been yearning to knit. So I bought the unknown yarn for the big project.

And yesterday it came. I opened the box.

Color is fine.

I reached in an picked up a skein.

Not so soft. I feel lanolin.

I sniffed it. (because I sniff things)

And....ewwww....smells like sheep.

Big Ewww.

I don't think I can knit with it...and it is too bulky.
After casting on and doing a swatch there is no way this can be knit into the pattern I was dreaming of.

And, well, it smells icky.

Yesterday I told Carmon I was an Total Agrarian Sympathizer.
But when it comes to smells on the farm....

Call me a City Girl.

Well...not a smelly City Girl. Oh forget it!

I'm sending the yarn back.

Yarn purist, I am not.

Back to safe knitting I shall go.

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