Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Popping Hostas


The little purple hosta flowers make a delightful little pop if you know just ones to choose. Gentle and quick and pop!

Choose a bud that looks like a tiny balloon.
Use the flat meaty part of your thumb and your index finger (pointer) and quickly pinch.

It doesn't work if you use your fingernails or the tips of your fingers or if you are too slow.
(Katie taught me all of this. She's getting the hang of it now.)

Popping hostas has been a summertime joy since I was a little girl.
One whole side of Aunt Dorothy's cottage was lined with hostas-at least two rows deep.

Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop!

And as far as I know, all of this popping does not damage the flower. They seem to do just fine even after being man handled :o)

Try it!


(My family thinks I am easily amused. They are right :o)

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