Thursday, July 21, 2005

Each morning before I start writing I always check my favorite knitting blogs.
Why the knitting blogs?
Because the few that I visit are regular posters. Every day posters.
And these knitters are fast and friendly and inspiring.

This morning Wendy @ Wendy Knits was answering questions about lace knitting.
She linked a knitting store where she buys a lovely jumperweight yarn. (Now, I just like the way that sounded. Jumperweight. Reminds me of Princess Diana. She did not wear sweaters. She wore jumpers.)

And believe it or not...the yarn store is in Wisconsin! Elizabeth Zimmerman has been supplying handknitter since 1959! How about that!
Here is a link to her website. (Isn't the internet grand)
School House Press Yarn

And here is a bit of her wisdom.

"Knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crises. Elizabeth"

Oh I like that!

So that was my little discovery this morning. Nice way to start the day :o)

Yesterday we had a few interesting experiences!

We went to the Dane County Fair to visit one of Emma's friends, see the projects she had entered in the Fair and eat some Cotton Candy.

Emma ended up showing two chickens for her friend's little brother. (He was busy showing a dog at the exact same time.)

Do you think we can put that on her transcript, under extra curriculars?
(just kidding)

Played Soccer: four years
Showed Chickens at Dane County Fair. went well...the bird did not fly away...and it did not poop on her.

I had to miss it tho. I had to get Katie home by three and it takes much longer to show all those chickens than you can imagine.

Emma's friend made a buttonhole bag and won a blue ribbon!

Way to go! You are one fine seamstress, knitter, and chicken show-er!

Encourage one another,

p.s. Katie pinched her nose so tight in the llama barn that she left red marks.
She has a sensitive sniffer like her momma :o)

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