Monday, July 18, 2005

Well...I am all out of sorts.

I am sitting in the basement with Katie singing ("Vacation Bible School is today,eh, eh, Vacation Bible School is today, hey, hey") and listening to a a cereal commercial blaring behind me.

This is not my typical blogging routine!

Emma asked her friends to stay over last night and (don't ask me why) they slept in the family room! Right where I blog!

But, I am not so mean as to wake them up at 7 :00am. Just can't do it!
I have no idea how late they stayed up!


Have you seen the movie Luther yet?

I watched most of it last night. It's quite good.
One of the actors looked like Colin Firth. Emma didn't see it, so
I checked and found this man is indeed the younger brother of fair Colin.
Jonathan Firth.

We are having super hot weather here in Wisconsin.
The farmers need rain. Desperately. Please pray for rain!

I'm afraid I would be a crazy lady without air conditioning!


Vacation Bible School starts tonight!
Katie should have a wonderful time.
Everyone at the church works so hard to put on a nice VBS.
Fun times :o)


A family I know jsut had a baby girl last Friday. They named her Esther.
Tears just spring to my eyes every time I think of it.


The girls are still asleep...but I am heading up for some pop and food for Katie and me.

Can you believe summer is half over?

OH, I went took a dip in a public pool with the girls the other day.
It was very awkward for me. (I do not like anyone to see my bod)
BUT, the girls were so happy to have me in the pool.
And it sure felt good.

Try it, you'll like it :o)

How will you celebrate summer this week?

Encourage one another,

p.s. yikes...I can't do spell check on this computer.
Well...there you have it...
the naked blog.

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