Tuesday, July 19, 2005

How cool is this hat!
It is the Green Bay Packer Cure for Cancer Cap!

Now.... I never, ever, ever wear a hat...
But this one is so special!

I bought two!

Our heroic quarterback's dear wife spent last year fighting breast cancer and this is Green Bay's tribute to her.
($5.00 of each hat goes to Cancer Research)

She is in remission and Brett and Deanna are looking forward to a much better year and a great football season to come.

We are too!

Here is a nice article about Brett and Deanna Favre.

Reluctant Bathers Unite :o)

You are not alone!

But, like me, you are missing out!

Amy says that no one is looking at you!
Young Emma said the same thing to me the other day.

I will try to believe them. I will put aside my self...
and join in the summer fun with the family!

It's about time!
Care to join me?

And when my pink Packer hat comes in....
I will wear that proudly too!

Encourage one another,

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