Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Beauty, Actually

....is all around.

Last night, as I came over a small hill, on the way home from Old Navy, I looked to the farm land to my right and thought, 'how beautiful'. Then I looked to my left and just above a small shopping center, I noticed the sky dotted was with petite puffy clouds.

And I thought Beauty, actually, is all around.

So here is an assignment, if you choose to accept it;
Take a picture of something beautiful within one mile of where you live.
Post it on your website or send the photo to me and I will post it for you.

Here is my email: booshay6@charter.net

Anything beautiful will do :o)

All skate!

Encourage one another,

I will post pictures that come in this morning right away. I will be gone for much of the afternoon and early evening (first soccer game of the season for Emma and the Tigers) but I will be back tonight hoping to find my inbox full of beautiful pictures from....all around.
Leave me a note if you post your beautiful image on your site.

Lea sends a photo of her backyard in rural North Carolina.

Thank you Lea! So pretty and wild.

Here is the field I mentioned earlier. Isn't it lovely?

Michele sends a picture of her beautiful Jack. Very close to home :o)

Hillary shares a dramatic Kansas sunset! Very nice!

The Texas sky from Amy...even bigger than the New Jersy sky :o)

Peggy's quiet dirt lane. Perfect for walking a dog!

Crissy's little bakers, baking puff pastry in the shape of pigs. Perfect!

MargaretWV sends us a picture of her BACKYARD! How about that view!

A surburban beauty in Arizona...thanks to Janet.

Melissa shares a lovely country road in Missouri.

Sometimes flowers are even more beautiful when they start as a seed in your own garden! Thank you, Samantha. What a sunny....flower!

How wonderful to come home tonight and find so much beauty in my inbox!
Thank you all for sharing!



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