Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Last night, our internet host was down.
All night.
I did not like it one bit.

A letter from Matthew greeted me in the in-box this morning.
It was a very nice gift.

He is safe in Omaha.

Hey, Matthew! Guess what we had for dinner last night?Chop Suey.

We were shopping at Millers and Emma said,
"We can have chop suey now that Matthew's gone."
So we did.


Katie and I read The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton.
This was Katie's first time hearing the story. When the little house was stuck in the city she looks so unhappy. (Her front step is frowning a bit)

Katie says, "This is a sad story. She is sad. Look at her frown."
I say, " Maybe there will be a happy ending."

As I turn the last page Katie remarks,

"You were right! It does have a happy ending."

Yup....this is the age I was meant to teach :o)
It's right up my alley!
I know almost all of the answers!

Question of the day.

If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one ability or quality, what would it be?

Brought to you by Question of the Day

Oh... I know what I would like....

Answer in the comments :o)

Encourage one another,

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