Thursday, August 11, 2005

Our trip to Columbia and The Lake of the Ozarks

The water was the only place to be!
Sister Sue helped Katie feel comfortable in the water. She started her out with the floaty noodles on the first day and by the second day she was comfortable with just the life jacket. Katie will always remember her Aunt Sue as her swim instructor :o)

Boat rides were good too! This night-time ride was especially fun and refreshing!

Here Katie rides with her big boy cousins. Above you see Kurt and Jeff (two of Sue's boys. Kurt has a twin Wes, who looks just like him...he was at band camp) and Katie and Steven. Steven is Cindy's baby who will be going to college to study and play baseball in the fall.
They are all genuinely nice boys! They get along so well, are very polite, and sweetly and patiently kept a little five year old girl company.
Their parents have done well!

Here's Cindy. The life of the party!
Katie will remember dancing the Cha-cha with Auntie Cindy :o)

There were long talks, delicious food (Sue make some amazing ribs and roasted potatoes!), and many hours spent in and on the lake.
The boys fished, Cindy stalked chipmunks and Sue bobbed.

Sue and Katie urged Cindy and I to get in the lake on the second day...
and we did...and we really enjoyed it!

Janet- We went to Mugs up...just for you :o)
Mugs Up is a very tiny, ancient drive-up restaurant. They serve very tasty loose beef sandwiches...with soft buns, grilled onions and cheese whiz.
It is definitely a local favorite!

So that's what I did on my summer vacation.

I wish our whole family could have gone because I know my big kids would have had a blast with their cousins! It gets harder and harder to plan vacations with so many people going in different directions!

Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of.

Benjamin Franklin

A lot.

Encourage one another,

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