Wednesday, August 17, 2005

From the Devotional Classic, A Diary of Private Prayer by John Baillie

(I don't want to take credit for anyone else's last week when a few of you thought I had such wise words to say on serving...and it was Sally Clarkson speaking :o)

I'm more the editor-type than the deep-original-thinking-type.
I'm much better suited to point the way to those much wiser than me.)

"Lord of my life. whose law I fain would keep, whose fellowship I fain would enjoy, and whose service I would fain to be loyal, I kneel before Thee as Thou sendest me forth to the work of another day.

For this new day I give Thee humble thanks: for its gladness and its brightness: for its long hours waiting to be filled with joyous and helpful labour: for its open doors of possibility: for its hope of new beginnings.
Quicken in my heart, I beseech Thee, the desire to avail myself richly of this day's opportunity. Let me not break faith with any of yesterday's promises, nor leave unrepaired any of yesterday's wrongs. Let me see no fellow traveller in distress and pass by on the other side...Where deed of mine can help to make this world a better place for men to live in, where word of mine can cheer a despondent heart or brace a weak will, where prayer of mine can serve the extension of Christ's Kingdom, there let me do and speak and pray

This day, O Lord-
give me courtesy:
give me meekness of being, with decision of character:
give me longsuffering:
give me charity:
give me sincerity of speech:
give me diligence in my allotted task.

Grant me the grace to be worthy of His name.

My preferred allotted task.

Take a look at the heel of this sock. See the little stripes of color?
This is what I expected to see in the whole sock. BUT since I knit my socks with a ribbing at the ankle and at the top of the foot...Opal Crocodile has decided to make pooling, rainbow, lightning bolts all over the sock.

The knitting adventure continues.

And I wish you could hear to two cardnials calling to one another in our back yard.
They have so much to say to one another?

What could it be?

"Hey Mabel, meet 'cha at the Sugar Maple."

Where's Dr. Dolittle when ya need him?

Encourage one another,

Every day...a new beginning

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