Monday, August 15, 2005

Weekend Update

The college boys have come and gone. Luke and Blake (both very nice guys) were in our home but to sleep and eat a little. The Cold Play concert they attended at Alpine Valley was great.
Matthew reports that 17 songs were sung, that their 'seats' were good and it did not rain!
It did, however, take 2 1/2 hours to get out of the parking lot. (To tell the truth this would have ruined the concert for me) Matthew and his friends just pulled over and went to sleep. A police officer knocked on their window to wake them up and send them on their way. be that laid back...

Patrick, Katie and I drove to Black River Falls to collect out camper.
Emma was as happy to see us as we were to see her! I got two very nice long hugs :o)

Emma shared her camp adventures with us all the way home.
We stopped at Culver's for a post-campfood meal.

The dirt and the heat did not deter my little city girl. She loved being with the other's all about the company for her. She is blessed to have so many friends. (We happen to think she likes just about everyone and rarely finds she does not get along with someone.)

The campers studied the book of Mark for the two weeks of camp.
One of the classes Emma especially liked was on the Five Love Languages.

According to my husband I mentioned the price of gas about 45 times during the weekend.

This bothers me so much more than it does my hubby.
It is freaking me out.

I'm obsessing right now as I sit here and think about it.

Let it go....


Cast your cares...

Did you have a good weekend?
What did you do?

Encourage one another,

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