Thursday, August 04, 2005

Katie just woke up, made her way down the stairs, came into my view and said,

I have a tail. (holding her blankie at her tailbone)
Can we do school?

Sure! I know what she is after...her new Singapore workbooks.
They came in the mail yesterday. (Fastest Rainbow shipment ever! I ordered on the internet on Saturday and received the package yesterday.)

I let her do a few pages last night. Thirteen pages. zip. zip. zip.
At this rate she will be in First Grade math by Labor Day!
Oh well. Then I buy First Grade stuff :o)

I have changed so much over the last eleven years!
(homeschooling-wise and other-wise)

I was tied to school hours and school days.
We started exactly at 8:30 and ended by noon.
Everything was new.
I had three children to teach.

Now I have Miss Independent, 11th grader. (Who happens to be away at camp. For. two. weeks!)

And my busy, enthusiastic, needs-to-do-everything-with-mommy Kindergartener Katie.


Katie just walked up to me and asked me what she needed to do next. I asked her to show me the page she had finished. She had correctly drawn a line between the cars and their garages. The directions say 'ask the child to tell you what color the garages are.' So I ask Katie, she points at the colors and says,
"rojo, yellow, white-o, green and azul."

Thank you Dora :o)

On the opposite page are four balloons with the words red, blue yellow and green written in them.

She just read them to me! Now this was a surprise.
Some she said in Spanish and some in English. he he

But since I am now Miss Laid-Back teacher, I think this is all delightful and funny.

And boy is it going to be fun to teach this little one!

On the other hand....I took a peek at the Saxon Algebra 2 book last night and let me tell you, my eyes were glazing over by chapter Two! Man, those Dive CD's better be super helpful. Please Lord.

In other news...

So we have the Maytag repairman coming today.
I am going to see Must Love Dogs with a very sweet woman and her friends tonight.
I have two field trips to organize by tomorrow and
Laundry to I have clean clothes to take to Missouri.

Yep. I am going to see sisters Sue and Cindy in Missouri this weekend. Just Katie and me. My sister Sue keeps telling me how hot it is down there. And I keep saying, 'We don't have to leave the house...I am just coming to visit with you and Cindy!' I haven't seen them since October. Can't wait!

That's all for now.

How are your plans coming for the school year?
Do you like teaching the early grades or the older grades?

I forgot how much I like teaching the early years. I'm much more comfortable with the material :o)

Encourage one another,


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