Monday, November 13, 2006

Book club discussion at Barnes and

Fascinating and informative reading on the Thirteenth Tale forum!
If you have read the will love this link!

The Thirteenth Tale book club

I spotted this link at Crissy's a few weeks ago and just remembered to go and see it this morning.

And speaking of lurking in the recesses of your mind....

Christmas is six full weeks away. Six weeks of shopping and planning and shipping and decorating.

Oh dear.

I had better get busy. I think I will make a list. That's always a great place to start.

I did something last spring that is going to give me so much peace this Christmas season.

I saved a nice chunk of money from our tax refund.
Earmarked- Christmas.

I will be able to shop without worry and stress.

How do I spell relief?

Savings account!

Thanksgiving is only ten days away. I don't think the boys will be coming home.
This is terribly terrible.
It's just not right.

Matthew's favorite meal is the Thanksgiving meal.

Have you started planning for Christmas?
How is Thanksgiving coming along?

Did you know Dana is planning a wedding just a few days after Christmas?

I can do all things,
thru Christ who strengthens me.
~Phil 4:13

Encourage one another,

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