Saturday, November 18, 2006

Tragedy :o(

My favorite socks
made with my favorite sock yarn
sprouted a big fat hole


I'm loving this color combo.
I toyed with the idea of some forest green...
but this Grinch green
makes me smile


Carmon posted this poem yesterday.

Katie is going to be working on it next week.
She has the gift of memorization :o)
(I hear it has something to do with her age.)

Forefather’s Day
by Edgar Guest

Look back three hundred years and more:
A group upon a rock-bound shore,
Borne by the Mayflower o’er the sea,
Pledged hearts and lives to liberty.

They were the few we hail with pride
Singing: “Land where our fathers died,”
Daring to die that this might be
Forever: “Land of the noble free.”

At Plymouth Rock they could not know
How far their shadows then would go,
That freedom (as today we sing)
From every mountainside should ring.

“Our Fathers’ God to Thee” I pray
That we, devoted as were they,
Who sing: “Long may our land be bright”
Shall cherish: “Freedom’s holy light.”

Isn't that a fine poem?

Encourage one another,

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