Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Katie has a filling today.

I was not going to tell her.
That it might hurt a little.
Emma told me I should tell her.
So I did.

She took the news with a calm 'uh huh'.


I can imagine crying and wailing. Really.
(Katie does not handle the hair brushing well.)

My sister Cindy, screamed and kicked and had a fit one time at the dentist.
Oh it was a shocker!

How old were you Cindy?

It was rather scary, back then, wasn't it?

Until today, the Dentist is a place of smiles and attention for Miss Katie. ( She even wants to work there.)
I'll let you know what she thinks after today.


Emma took Katie to Flushed Away last Sunday. They both liked it very much. Emma especially liked the setting. London, England.


Who will win?

Emmitt or Mario?

I called in five times for Mario.

It seems Emmitt has the popular vote.
But this is not a popularity contest.
It's dancing with the stars.

Mario wins!

(Bring it on)


Someone very special is celebrating her One Year Blogiversary!

Please stop by and give her a little encouragement.
(Which means leave a comment :o)
It would mean a lot to her.

We Glyman girls live for the comments.

Well...not entirely...but you get the drift :o)

(Her post for today is not up yet as it's may need to give her a little time as she is in Arizona. But don't let that stop ya!)


Thanks for being such loyal readers, visitors and commenters to my blog.
It would be rather lonely without ya!

Encourage one another,

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