Thursday, November 16, 2006

Lovable Jock Wins Dance Crown

All I could think of when I read this piece from the Edmonton Sun was...
those Canadians are Fun-ee

Read about the Dancing with the Stars finale here

"But Smith, aside from being a football hero, family man and all-around decent dude, represents what people love about reality TV: That it could be us up there, going from shuffling newbie to king of the swing in 16 short weeks, and taking home the big prize."
Steve Tilly, Edmonton Sun

And to think...neither of my sisters called to gloat.
Ain't they sweet :o)


Katie went with the dental assistant happy as a lark,
and emerged five ten minutes later,
thinking her mommy was a big fat liar.

"It did not even hurt one little bit."

Once the dentist got a good look at the little tiny cavity, he decided to scrape away a bit of the decay and just placed a sealant on it.
No drilling needed.

Painless....and cheaper.


So we went to Whole Foods and bought some yummy treats (strawberries for Katie, Curried Chicken Salad for me) and some Burt's Bees lip gloss for Katie.


Three days = three tiny socks ornaments for teacher gifts.

I hope to find some red sock yarn...soon.....


I'm hungry, let's talk about food :o)

If you could go out to eat tomorrow night...anywhere in the world;
Where would you go?

Encourage one another,

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