Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Newfound buried treasures

Cute books!

I found Angus and the Cat a little choppy to read outloud and even thought it might be missing pages, it was that choppy.

Angus and the ducks is just right.

Great Book study for Emma and me.

We each have a copy and I will have to buckle down to keep up with Emma. Her book came in two days before mine (at the library).

The folks at Mitford will have to wait. They seem a patient bunch.
I am reading At home in Mitford like a true resident of that sleepy hamlet.

I am also studying;

this language program on loan from the library.
I will let you know how much I can learn in two weeks.
It is a brand new item at our library (I'm the first to use it) perhaps I can renew it multiple times before other folks know it is there :o)

Finally I have a request from Katie;
She wonders if other children have imaginary friends when they are seven.

I told her I would ask you all.

She's hoping someone will say it is still okay to have an imaginary friend at nineteen.

I just smiled when she said this...but thought, yes some folks do still have imaginary friends when they are nineteen, but most of them are on medication; poor dears.

What are you reading and learning about this week?

Encourage one another,

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