Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Action Verbs.

Emma watched.
Emma laughed.
Katie squealed.
Katie flew.
Mommy tumbled.
Mommy flopped.

Mommy sweated and counted sledding toward her exercise streak!

We had such fun! Last year I watched. I felt too fat to sit/fit on that little purple sled. To be perfectly honest, it was hard to sit Indian style with such a big tummy. But, this year, I could. It was still a bit burdensome...but I did it anyway...and the best part is the new, fun, memories we made...and the laughs we had.
One time down the hill, Katie and I were making a train and my coat slipped under the sled and I did a somersault. I remember thinking, 'why, I'm upside down.'

Emma was hysterical on top of the hill.
She can't sled due to a previous sledding injury...but she came along to laugh at Katie and me...and direct us, I think.

She went down the hill once with her arm flapping out to the side like a scarecrow.

Katie was so funny. She is a cross between terror and glee. She mutters to herself about how scary it is, but chuckles when she gets to the bottom. Then on the climb back up the hill...she narrates. Out loud.

Oh, she makes me smile.

Katie, of course, wants to go again today.
I told her it must be over 20 degrees to sled.
We won't be seeing 20 degrees today.
Maybe tomorrow :o)

Action verbs.

I highly recommend them.

Encourage one another,

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