Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A dialog you will not hear anywhere else on television was heard on House last night.
It was a painfilled discussion on whether there is a God, whether that God is loving,
whether what we do in this life matters.
It was a hard fought discussion by two people in pain.

If I was a smarter person I could tear it all down and analyze it here and now...

While Hugh Laurie is a brilliant actor, I think House's writers are just as interesting.

I have found profound philosophical musings running thru many of the classics I read last year. Especially The Count of Monte Cristo and Crime and Punishment. Those books have a second layer of meaning (besides just the storyline) if you explore the philosophical ideas of the day.

These ideas are usually discussed in the essays at the back of the books. (If you choose the Norton Critical Ed. like I do)

When I read these essays I marvel how most modern people don't know what philosophy they are following, or that there is a name for what they believe.

I am inclined to believe that the writer's of House studied the Classics.

House is Homer, he is The Count, he is Raskolnikov....he is the Protagonist.

Reading this quote made me think of House.

The deep peace that comes from deep trust in God's lovingkindness is not destroyed even by the worst of circumstances, for those Everlasting Arms are still cradling us, we are always "under the Mercy."

~Elisabeth Elliot

I believe deep down this this true.
But, I do understand why other's might think it is rubbish.

House would definitely think it rubbish.

But, last night, House had the chance to argue his beliefs (that there is no God and if He exists, He is cruel) with a girl who believed in God and was suffering.

It was a rare television moment.

Do you know what you believe?
Can you argue it effectively?

Encourage one another,

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