Monday, January 29, 2007

So it looks like Google bought Blogger because last night I had to switch my blogs to Google before I could even get to my 'Create' page. I was slightly worried I would lose the whole shebang. And annoyed that I didn't have a choice.
But all is well, with all my blogs.

I griped to my husband and he said, "It's free. That's why it's free."
There are strings attached to this free business, aren't there.


Now, about Part II of Jane Eyre.

I loved it!

I thought it was the most romantic movie I have ever seen.

So many movies I am left with wishing for more of the good parts of the relationship.
In this version, it seems the director took the time to give us a longer look at what the characters loved about one another. (In past versions I didn't really get Jane's and Edward's relationship)

For me, this one worked magnificently!


On day 29 of the streak,
we went ice skating.

On to a new week with new adventures and things to learn and people to see and places to go....

Life is good!

Encourage one another,

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