Friday, January 19, 2007

A really, really, really modified Friday Feast.

What three songs should sis Sue put on her ipod for walking?

Do you read the comics? If so, which is your favorite?

What online company do you use to print your digital pictures?

Main Course
I feel like window shopping. Where on the internet, would you send me?

What is your favorite foreign food?


Fine Art Poster Friday

Ch. Loupot 1892 - 1962


And Thanks...

Thank you for the kind words and well wishes for Emma.
She is managing well.


Any thoughts on Grey's Anatomy?

Addison needs some better impulse control. The girl has terrible judgment.
Kissing. In the bar? What is she thinking. Oh Yeah. She's not.

Christina and George's conversation in the alley was original and touching!
Very nice writing.

Callie's upfront, direct conversation with McSteamy was well done, too.

Meredith and her dad. Not so well done.

It's Friday already. Wow.

Happy day!

Encourage one another,

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