Saturday, January 20, 2007

Yesterday, Katie and I drove thru the drive thru to cash a birthday check (from her Aunt Biddy) This was a really big deal! We talked about it as we drove up...
I told her she would probably get a ten and a five. And to her surprise her mom is a psychic and is right. As we drive off, Katie pulls out the ten and five and looks at them carefully.

"This is Lincoln and this is George Clooney"

I start to giggle, "No that is not George Clooney. Let me see it.
It says Hamilton."

"But, it looks like the first president, George Clooney." insists Katie.

"George Washington was the first president. George Clooney is an actor." say I.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure."

George for President?


New BBC Jane Eyre to air on Sunday Jan. 21st and 28th on Masterpiece Theater(PBS).
I can't wait! It looks amazing.

Click here to see the website for Jane Eyre


Katie has rollerskating with Awana tonight.


Fun with my little one and exercise to boot. (ya hey)

It's been a good and varied week on the streak :o)

Wishing you all a perfectly wonderful weekend!

Encourage one another,

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