Wednesday, January 03, 2007


It felt so good to be walking in the cold under the sparkly stars and nearly full moon.

Katie starts out running. She races her daddy to this tree or that pole.
Whoever wins, dances around with their arms in the air.

It's very entertaining.

Patrick's ears got cold and Katie game him her hat.

I was dressed perfectly for the weather although I could feel the cold creeping through my gym shoes.

I think that is key. Dressing right for the weather.
Cause I never would have thought I could enjoy a walk outside in January.
But I did.

(Exercise) Streak
Consecutive days: 3



I searched all day for my husbands birth certificate and didn't find it.
He needs it for his Passport.
So...I had to order a new one on the internet.
Expensive but very convenient.

O la la.



Patrick, Katie and I went to see Charlotte's Web last weekend.
It was so lovely.
We had fun placing the voices.

One of the cows was Reba McEntire.

We love her television show around here!
It is the only sitcom I watch.
Her son-in-law, Van is a hoot and a half.
His name is Steve Howey.
Remember his name.
If Reba was on a regular channel, Steve would be winning awards.

You can find the show on Lifetime or the CW.



I am still reading Crime and Punishment. (I can't wait to finish it...cause it is taking all my reading time...and it is a big snoozefest)


Alan Waldecker's sermon tapes.
They are very edifying.

'Read the all points to Jesus.'

Good, deep, truths that are clearly shared.

(Emma stayed with the Waldeckers in Manchester last summer)

I would like to share more specifics but I have been listening in the car...without a notepad! There must be a way.


you all a great Wednesday!

Encourage one another,

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