Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hey friends,

I'm back from the clinic.

It seems there are two methods to treat this basal cell.
Cut and burn

Guess which one I chose?

We will try the cream. Supposedly it works with your immune system.
How about that?

My scar would be the size of a quarter so I thought I'd try the cream first.

five x a week for six weeks.

I was very happy with the attention and kindness paid to me today. (the NP had the Doc come in and confirm her plan)


Thanks for praying :o)


The Coppertop.

The guys have joked about this sign for the last few years.
The restaurant shares the parking lot with the big golf place around here.
Golfing we know.
This sign for some reason cracked the guys up.
We never considered going in to eat.

So, a few months ago we met some of Patrick's family for breakfast at the Coppertop.
We couldn't wait to tell the boys.

Yeah. Our life is filled with exciting adventures.
It doesn't take much :o)

We couldn't wait to bring the kids to The Coppertop last weekend.

It was a big hit.

It's one of those family (Greek) owned restaurants.
Great service, great food, good prices and

Immediate seating!

Do you have a fun place like this to dine in your town?

Do tell.

Encourage one another,

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