Monday, June 04, 2007

(Tuesday, June 5th)

Yesterday and last night the India team held a spaghetti dinner fundraiser.
Emma is one of five making the trek to Vijayawada.

Here is the note she wrote to put up on the bulletin board to explain what this trip means to her:

I am very excited to be a part of this team that is able to go and serve in India. We will be very busy helping put on a youth conference, playing worship and hopefully constructing a roof on the orphanage in Vijayawada. I hope that we may provide for the people both spiritually and physically. I know that God will give me strength, courage and most importantly love in all situations if I only ask. My prayer is that God would pour His heart, as well as His wisdom, into me on this trip so that I may give the people of India what they need: the knowledge of Christ’s enduring love, forgiveness and healing He has for them.

Amazing Amy cooked.

I cut veggies and assembled.

The team set up and served and prepared food, too.

Katie helped.

Here is the team wearing native Indian garb. The girl's outfits are called punjabi's. I'm not sure if the male counterpart is called the same thing.
In this picture they are missing Jordan.

Here is Jordan with the girls.

The fundraiser was a complete success!
We served at least one hundred and fifty people.

The people in our community are extremely supportive and generous.

It's remarkable! And awesome.

It's actually awkward to be blessed by other's in this way.

Do you know what I mean?


Oh. And here is the last piece of graduation cake.
I ate it for breakfast yesterday morning.
It helped me make it thru the day :o)

This morning I will be off at the dermatologist.

I don't think I am having the cancer removed.
I think I am just going in to decided how to remove it.
But, I'll let you know.

And don't worry, if this is news to you.

It's a basal cell carcinoma.
And according to Anita.
That's cancer with a small 'c'.

Happy Tuesday, All!

Encourage one another,
you're very good at it :o)

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