Monday, June 25, 2007

Is this heaven?
It's Iowa.
Iowa? I could have sworn this was heaven.

On the way to Nebraska we pass this utterly delightful water tower.
I love this happy face.

We arrived early on Wednesday so Emma, Katie and I could meet with Melinda, her mother, her brother Jesse ((man-of-honor), and Lizzy (friend-bridesmaid) for manicures and pedicures.

Katie chose pink with flowers :o)
Emma chose french tipped (is that right?)

Thursday we helped Melinda with a few last minute preparations.

The flowers.

A family friend stopped by (a one time florist) and she really spruced things up for Melinda.
We were doing a very nice, but amateur-ish, job with the flowers.
With Ronna's help they turned out amazing!

Matthew with his good friends Ben and Bo.

Pretty Lizzy

The look of love.

Sister's being patient.

Did someone say 'raise the roof?'

Let's kiss!

Not yet!

That's enough for today.
What time of day were you married?
How many people came to the wedding?

Thank you for all the well wishes!
I sure enjoyed them!

Encourage one another,

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