Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My favorite part.

"We have prayed for Matthew for 20 years,
we just didn't know his name."
~Melinda's dad

Matthew and Melinda were married by Kevin Pringle.
Kevin is a good friend of Steve (Melinda's dad)
They are both involved in youth ministry.
Matthew and Melinda met one another working at a youth group.

So Melinda's family knows Matthew pretty well, which is very nice.
There is nothing worse than a wedding or a funeral where the pastor doesn't know the bride or the groom or the unfortunate dead person.

Well...there a lots of things worse...
But you know what I mean :o)

We were all ushered into the Ashland Methodist Church at 7:00pm.
The cold air was blasting, the candles were glowing and we were all ready to go.

Katie had the unusual job of pushing the flower girl up the aisle in a stroller.
(I think, Melinda thought the flower girl would be walking...and since she wasn't walking they had to improvise)

This wasn't really what Katie had imagined but we discussed that it is the bridesmaid job to help the bride, and this would help Melinda.

She was told to do this with a happy spirit!

And she did.

The crowd cooed a big aw!!!
And Katie didn't drop her flowers or bump into anything.

She made one funny face. But generally did a great job.

She wiggled and looked around and talked to herself during the ceremony.
But she didn't dance a it was also successful :o)

Kevin spoke directly to each set of parents.
I can't remember what he said.
I think he said we did well raising our children.

Then he spoke on Ephesians 5:21-33

When he started to speak about submission I thought I would hear some folks fall out of their seats...but Kevin did an excellent job of explaining what that word means.
And he was sure to explain the man's role.
Love your the death.

(my words, not his :o)

So that was cool.

Then Matthew and Melinda said their vows.

A song or two was sung.

And just when we thought we would finally watch them kiss....

They took communion.

And then they kissed.


It was a very Christ centered wedding and I left feeling like their knot was firmly tied :o)

I turned around to smile at my sisters and Cindy was very teary eyed.
I think she out cried Sue.

So off we all went to the reception.

It was a reception of h'ors doeurves and wedding cake.
There was plenty of food and the hall was really packed!

Matthew and Melinda seemed very happy!

So were we :o)

Sue and her youngest son Jeff.

Emma, Brandon and Jeff

Cindy and Brandon

Matthew and Matt...friends since kindergarten.

Matthew and Patrick
Patrick gave a very nice, sweet toast.
He gently teased Matthew and remarked that he was confident that Matthew and Melinda would be together forever. Very sweet toast!

New sisters.

He smiles!

My heart is full with gladness.
My heart is full of gratitude.

Be ye excellent to one another!

Encourage one another,


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