Monday, June 04, 2007

I would like to thank you all for being so encouraging and helpful in the speech writing process. You will see that I took your advice.

It's pretty cool to have a speech writer in our midst. Thank you MFS for your words.
Ryan, I loved the Carole King you suggested, thanks for that!
And Teresa suggested the "three stars and a wish" format.
As you will see I used that idea too.

So you were all there with us at the graduation.
In the courage you gave and the words you shared.
Thank you!

On my read through, I realized that I could not read the first paragraph without bursting out into sobs.

So I had an idea.

Patrick and I would share the lines.

He read the first paragraph.
We went back and fourth with the "three stars and a wish portion."
I gave Patrick the line about 'the rough and tumble exterior, gift from her brothers'. This line garnered a good laugh from the crowd :o)

I wanted to say the last line from Carole King.
Cause I adore that line and it is the way I feel.
Really feel.

So I got all the way to that line.
(And mind you, Emma was weeping thru this whole speech)

My voice cracked and I quietly said my line, desperately holding back the sobs!

Here is our speech:

Emma, on this day celebrating your academic achievement, we want to say, again,
we love you.
We are proud of you.
We have enjoyed every minute of our learning and laughing and loving days together, and beneath our tears and, sense of loss, we feel a great excitement to learn how your story will unfold. You have so much to give to the world.

You are a mix of many things.
A quiet and gentle spirit. ( which I greatly admire)
That rough and tumble exterior. (a gift from your brothers)
And a quick and easy sense of humor.

And in the last year we have seen you develop a beautiful
heart for God and great desire to serve Him.

We pray that you will

Embrace the life God gives you,
always seek His face,
always hope, always dream,
work hard, pray hard
serve often, laugh often

And love unconditionally…
as He has always loved you.

And one last thing…

Words from Carole King;

"You don't need direction, you know which way to go
And I don't want to hold you back, I just want to watch you grow

Oh yes, sweet darling, Emma.
So glad you are a child of mine"

Congratulations graduate!

(Hand over the diploma, hug, hug )

Patrick and Shelby were there!

So were Matthew and Melinda.
They will be married in less than three weeks!!!


We left the graduation ceremony and were greeted by clear blue skies and cotton ball clouds.

When we arrived home, Lynn was waiting on our front step.

My gal Friday
My dear friend.
Thank you, again and again.

She is the kind of girl who knows what to do,
and does it, well.

We set the food out on the tables.
Set up chairs.
Ate a little chicken salad.
Marveled at the size of the cake.
And posted a few pics to the blog.

Time for the Par-tay!

The guest of honor.

Wearing the most darling top in the world.
I bought it for her a few weeks ago and she surprised me by wearing it for the party.

It may be the last time I get to dress my little girlie.


We had a wonderful turn out!

Many blog sistah's were here!

Lynn, Amy J, Jeaneen, Nancy, Melika, Tricia, Jean in Wisc. and her daughter, Farmgirl, Kris, and Anita. (Anita couldn't help herself and pitched right in to help when she got here!)

I have a photo ready to show, but want to get permission first.
You'll have to wait for that :o)

One more blog sistah attended.
All the way from my childhood.

KrisS and her husband drove here all the way from Chicago to surprise me and meet and congratulate, Emma.

I haven't seen Kris and Jim since Mr. Irving's wake seventeen years ago.

She brought with her, her mothers laugh and her father's deep brown eyes and a touch of family.

Cause she really is like a sister to me.

I wrote my brother and sisters and sent them a photo of Kris and Jim and told them all that it was like having our mother and her best friend at the graduation.

Thank you, Jim, for saying, "Let's go."
And thank you Kris for being so dern thoughtful and fun to be around!!!

My heart if full of gratefulness.


Everything worked out beautifully. Not one glitch.
I think Emma had a good time.
And Katie had a blast playing with all of the children; I barely saw her.

It was a wonderful night, filled with friends, twinkle lights, clear skies, food, and love.

Encourage one another,

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