Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Two poems by Carl Sandburg,
a silly picture, a must have recipe and a call for your favorites.

Hats by Carl Sandburg

HATS, where do you belong?
what is under you?

On the rim of a skyscraper’s forehead
I looked down and saw: hats: fifty thousand hats:
Swarming with a noise of bees and sheep, cattle and waterfalls,
Stopping with a silence of sea grass, a silence of prairie corn.

Hats: tell me your high hopes.

I don't think Carl was thinkin' of this sort of hat, do you?

While I was visiting Carl's page, I happened upon this lovely poem;

"I love you," - Carl Sandburg

I love you,"
said a great mother.
"I love you for what you are
knowing so well what you are.
And I love you more yet, child,
deeper yet than ever, child,
for what you are going to be,
knowing so well you are going far,
knowing your great works are ahead,
ahead and beyond,
yonder and far over yet."

Here is my new desktop photo.
Feeling mellow.
Try this one.
Just 'right click' and 'save as desktop'.
(and if those ugly icons are right on top of the focused flowers, move em.)


Podcastin' Cyndi aka Hyacinth from Pioneer Woman's blog is cooking up some spectacular Chicken Broth today. Go and get her recipe and read her hilarious commentary. You will never be the same.
Well, maybe that's a bit much.
I know my readers.
You'll want to get on a bus and head to Oklahoma with me.
We can sing show tunes the whole way.

Think Cyndi and Ree will mind?


And one more thing...for the audience participation portion of the show;

It seems we have a lot of Aldi's shoppers in our midst.

How would you like to share your favorite Aldi products!
Items that save you a bundle and yet still fill your tummies with glee.

Leave your brilliant ideas in the comments!
I wonder if we can get those chicken thighs for the chicken soup at Aldi's?

Encourage one another,

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