Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I love color.

Lots and lots of color.


The brighter the lighter the better....


50% of the time


I love black and whites.

bur oak columbia missouri

Moody, interesting black and whites.

I look at different things when a picture is black and white.
I look more at shapes and tones.

But sometimes I really don't have the heart to take away the color.


Digital photography makes it so easy to change it up.
Just think, with film, you had to decide before you started.

Sometimes you had a roll of black and white in your camera and you were only half the way thru.
So unless you wanted to waste, you used black and white.

My, how things have changed.

I wish my Minolta (film camera) was working cause I would love to play with it.
But I am really enjoying the freedom and creativity that is a digital camera.


Emma had some friends over to watch Glee last night.

When I am not looking, I enjoy the musical numbers. I still am distracted by the dubbing.

But that Jane Lynch. She has some mean and hilarious lines to say.
I could see some of the references fly over the girl's heads.
Someone has a whole lot of fun writing that character.

Did you enjoy the season finale?

My blog is like The Princess Bride by William Goldman.

The good parts version.

I'm there for ya, man.

Now if only I could do something about that dubbing.

Happy Wednesday!

Encourage one another,

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