Monday, June 14, 2010

What a pleasure it is for me to be able to share what I know with women from
all over the country!

Writing tutorials for Ree@The Pioneer Woman has opened this door for me and
I am very grateful.

I am the lucky one to be able to teach what I know and how I do things to
eager and enthusiastic photographers.

And they teach me right back, I'm telling you!


Look how cute everyone looks!
We went thru the capitol on a lark and I'm glad we did.

Whether you're inside or out...the first thing to do is assess the light.
Going in the capitol was a good opportunity to apply that lesson.
And it's really pretty in the state capitol.


I thought, Marie, looked especially pretty in this light.
Her hair was so cute....
Marie left twin boys at home to attend!
Thank you for coming!

Emma and Katie were willing, wonderful models!


I was asked for swinging tips.
So we gave that a whirl.


The sun came out at 3:30 so I was able to demonstrate more
effectively how to shoot a backlit picture.


Backlit Heidi!
So lovely. Look at those eyes!
Heidi is a local girl!
Let's go to the zoo with Holly when I get back from San Fran!


This is Michelle!
She has a photography business in Eau Claire, Wi.
What a sweet and talented girl.

Burns Girls Studio




I made Heidi squat! She is a very good sport!
She is headed to China next week with her family!
(I wish we could have talked about this more!)
I am looking forward to seeing the photos she takes on that exciting trip!
Blue eyes! Beautiful blue eyes!


Angie is a lovely gentle spirit. Can't you tell by this picture?
She is expecting baby #2 and was a trooper to keep going and going and going
on Saturday!

Jessica and Angie are best friends! They have known one another for a really long time.
Jessica has a little girl who does not like to have her picture taken.
She came all the way from Maryland to take pictures of someone who would look at her :o)
What a beautiful face!
(She was my willing model when we were finding the light inside a house.)


And here we all are at the end of the day!

Inspired, I hope.

You all inspire me. I know that for sure!
Thank you!

Encourage one another,

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