Thursday, June 24, 2010

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Off we go....

I loved the public transportation in San Francisco.
Just look at that 'bus'!

Buses from all around the world chug along, full to the brim down by the waterfront.
I would like to take lots and lots of pictures of these 'buses'.



I liked these better than the Trolley.
But I am grateful for the Trolley we rode to Grace Cathedral cause man it was straight up.

But back to the bottom of the hill first. The Ferry Building again.



I like this sort of place.

After meandering around the shops we went outside to look at the Bay Bridge.


Then up the hill to The Grace Cathedral.


I promise, I did not do a thing to that sky.
We lucked out and had the most beautiful weather on that Thursday. Last Thursday,
It looked very much like Norte Dam from this direction minus the flying buttresses.


So pretty.


The labyrinth. A place to ponder.



Diane uses a Olympus E500. She takes beautiful pictures!


This was what intrigued Katie.


The needlepointed kneelers were my favorite part.


These were stitched by parishes from all over Northern California.
They depicted the wildlife from the area.

Scriptures were stitched into the kneelers.


Then we walked down the hill to China Town.
Walking down the steep hills was scary.

I felt like I was going to fall down and start rolling all the way to the ocean.


With some searching we found...The House of Nan King.

We all loved it here! It was the best food I ate all week. Really!
All of the dishes we ordered tasted different from one another.

Now that may sound odd, but around here, everything tastes the same at the Chinese Restaurants.
No matter what you tastes the same.

Not at the House of Nan King.

Great food. Fun experience!


Look! The famous TransAmerica building.


The view from Coit Tower. Telegraph Hill.

No parrots. No strange man.


Than we sat and rested and visited and drank cool refreshing drinks.




Don't you love the way I am holding my bag?
Oh good gracious. What a dork.

We love the palm trees.

And that, my friends, was our day in San Francisco.
It could not have been more perfect.

(We also walked out on Pier 39 to see the view. It was spectacular. You can see Alcatraz from there ;o)

Now I need to rest from writing this post!

Thanks for coming along and reading my travelblog :o)

Encourage one another,

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