Tuesday, June 01, 2010

We went for quiet.
And cool.


Emma worked many hours at Starbucks.
She sees so many people. She even saw a woman who recognized her from this blog.
Hi non-commenting lurker friend.
She likes her manager, very much.
So thankful for this!

Ranunculus from Farmers Market

After a very quick dash around the farmer's market, we dropped Katie off at her friend's house,
where she swam and played for 24 hours straight. She started her summer off with a blast and a little burn.


Lucky Girl.

We went to church Saturday evening and I
inexplicably burst into tears during the Lord's Prayer.
I had the hankie in my purse that Sally gave us at Sue's grave site.
When I reached for the hankie, I cried even more.
But I wiped away tear after tear.

I hear God is collecting them and that there are no tears in heaven.


While Katie was away, Patrick and I finally found a picnic table and assembled it in the 90 degree heat.
We topped our Costco picnic table with a Pottery Barn umbrella.

It has taken three years to figure out what we were going to do about a table on the patio....
and we have finally decided...and we are satisfied.

We even ate outside last night.


It was too hot to go to the airshow.
It was too hot to go to Brat Fest.

But we went to the Brat Fest anyway.
Cause we are loads of fun.


No. The brats are really very good. I put everything on mine.
Fabulous brat fest mustard, sour kraut, onions, relish, ketchup.
So good.
The buns seemed especially small this year.
Anyone notice that?

Best part of brat fest for me was that a deaf couple sat at our table and we had a nice visit.
It was really fun to sign with them.


I honestly took about 200 pictures of this little bouquet of ranunculus over the weekend.


After all of those pictures....

Farmers Market. Ranunculus. Love.

The first was still my favorite.


Thank you for the most wonderful suggestions for our San Francisco trip!!!
I appreciate the time and effort you took in sharing those with me!!!
I will start planning this week!

Today I go on a field trip with the 4th graders.
It's prairie day.
Better get going....

I hope you had a lovely weekend!

Encourage one another,

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