Saturday, June 26, 2010

On the third day of our California vacation,
we rested.

My knees were just killing me, I could barely walk.

So we hung out in Walnut Creek.
My camera battery was dead and I needed to buy a battery charger.
I had finished The Help the night before and wanted a new book so
I found a Barnes and Noble just a few buildings down from the Camera store.

What a beautiful little town. Swanky.
We did not know it was so upscale.

The Tiffany's on the corner was a clue.

I was sad to finish The Help because I liked the characters so well.
It was a wonderful book to me.
The only way it could be better is if it was really real.

Finally I have a book I can say to my friends and family, 'read this book'.

I purchased Major Pedigrew's Last Stand.
Mainly because I love the cover and Dana @ Hiddenart recommended it.
Helen Simonson is a first time writer and I think she is super talented!
The book reads like Elizabeth Goudge.

Major Pettigrew

I am tickled to have found two books in a row that i really like.

It's been a good book drought around here for the last year or so.
Even John Irving's newest book was a flop in my mind.

For Lunch we went to a local place in Concord called Kinders.

Kinders BBQ

This is the second place I would go back to.
The bbq beef was stuffed into a piece of 'french bread' but it was not sliced and had a hole in
one end. The meat did not squish out when you bit your sandwich.

Even tho the meat was a bit salty, I liked it anyway.

Emma had the vegetarian sandwich at the butcher shop.
She thought it was delicious.

After that we went to see Toy Story 3.

Everyone liked it.
Except me. I was a little bored.

I want more classic toys and less darkness.
I am not a fan of evil toys.

Bonnie Hunt's part was minuscule.
boo to that.


The only pictures I took on our day off were these interesting flowers.


This one says Mid Century Modern to me.


This one is hatching.

And that was our day of rest.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend!!

With all the rest or adventure you little heart desires :o)

Encourage one another,

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