Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mickey-Lu's redux.


After the wedding on Saturday we headed over the Mickey Lu's.
Mickey Lu's is our favorite hamburger place in the whole wide world.

If you go anywhere near Marinette Wi., I highly recommend a trip to this
restaurant that time forgot.

My long time and great friend Karen stopped by to visit with us!!
Her husband (they) happens to own Mickey Lu's.
Chuck keeps things just as they always were....and we love him for it :o)


No fries with that.


Patrick's brother Paulie lives in Marinette. We picked him up and brought him to Mickey Lu's with us!
He was very excited to see Asher and to get a coke and burger.

Melinda and I always choose the same food. It's kind of weird.
We get The Works. Ketchup, mustard, pickle, onions, pat of butter.

Patrick and Paul and Matthew....just ketchup.
That's ketchup and butter really.....but you don't have to ask for the butter.

And now.
My mouth is watering.



I tried to take a family photo of Matthew and Melinda and Asher on Monday morning.
We drove down to Paoli to get cheese curds for them before they went home.

The cheese store is closed on Monday's. Just so you know.

But I found some open shade and took a slew of pictures, unfortunate thing was how the beautiful stone building threw
very yellow light on everyone. I couldn't see it when I was seemed bright, but I couldn't see the weird color casts.

And so.

I went with black and white.



Back in the front yard...


I am taking my friend, Amy's daughter's Senior Pictures today.
(Did I do that right?)

The sun is shining right now. I have hope that it will still be sunny at 11:00.
I can't wait to see what Emily is wearing today....I hear there are many changes :o)

Super fun!!

It's Thursday already.

How can the days go by so quickly?

It's freaking me out!

Encourage one another...and do something you love today!!

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