Tuesday, June 07, 2011

And so as the first long day of summer descended,
I told Katie to go and grab The Princess Bride off of the book shelf.

I thought of reading Seventeenth Summer to her but romance can wait a few years.

Instead I chose S. Morgensterns Classic Tale of Adventure and True Love.

I read thru the first chapter which is mostly a funny back story about how William Goldman learned to love to read and how his father read this book to him when he was sick. Then years later Goldman gives the book to his son and his son pretends to read it, but doesn't read it because it is deathly dull. Goldman can't understand this so he picks up the book and reads it for the first time.
His father read him only the good parts.

Katie was tired of listening by the time I got to Chapter One The Bride.
But I was dying to read the funny telling of the most beautiful women in the world to her.

So I made her listen to two more pages.

"Inside a season, she went from delicate to whopping..."

I have to explain some things along the way.
Katie's funny bone is pretty mature. But sometimes things fly over her head.

After reaching a good stopping place, I set the book aside and Katie went to check what was on tv or to run around the yard.

Later that night at about 9:17, after I had sent her to bed with a kiss and an I love you, she came back downstairs.

"Mom, will you read more to me? I want to know what happens next."

*my heart smiled*

It's going to be hard to keep my lips sealed thru certain parts and I can't wait to read about Fezzik to her.
That's one of my favorite parts. He was the sweetest, biggest kindergartner you ever met.

Just yesterday Katie wondered what she could do to make this the best summer ever.
I listed all the activities I have signed her up for.

But I think I know what will stand out for the rest of her life about this summer;
It will be the summer I read The Princess Bride to her.


Thank you for the great comments yesterday!!

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