Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The funny face contest has me going thru my flickr photos again.

Can you say...Annelle?

This one screams Annelle to me.

You know the plain girl in Steel Magnolias.


Last night I visited Fire Wife Katie's blog to see some pictures of the Monterey Aquarium.
What I found there, besides her fun pics of the aquarium, was the most beautiful and inspiring kitchen I have seen in a long time.

For most people it takes thousands upon thousands of dollars to revamp a kitchen.

Not for Katie and her husband. Go and see it and tell me if you are not as surprised and amazed as I was!!!

Fire Wife Kitchen

What they did gives me hope that some day we can do something with our kitchen.

Thank you for sharing your great project with us!!



I'm still editing Emily's pictures. It has been a delight!



On the longest day of the year, I go out and celebrate the evening light.
I didn't realize I did this until I was just typing this. Right this second.

Next year. I'm throwing a party. It's my favorite day of the year.



Happy Summer nights to you!

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