Saturday, June 25, 2011

Warning: Do not go see The Tree of Life.

You think it is going to be about family and pain and beauty and God.
But instead it is just a bad dream with science movies that go on and on.

Patrick and I walked out when the science portion and whisperings to God got too much for us and we started to giggle.

I have read that the clips of nature go on for 45 minutes.

irish twin-ree

This little picture sums up the whole movie.

God's creation.
A story with pain.

What story does not have these elements?

It's everyone's story.

I prefer this picture to The Tree of Life.

However, Patrick and I will never forget the time we giggled in the artsy fartsy movie and high tailed it for the door.

Life is beautiful and painful and thankfully pretty funny.


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