Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Of all the pictures I saw this week,
including, of course, the ones I took of my beloved family.....


This picture of Gabrielle Giffords made me so happy and made me shout with joy.
I am very happy to see how well Giffords is recovering from the awful gunshot to her head.
The talk was about how the Dr. removed a huge portion of her skull to aid in the swelling of the brain.
It was horrific to imagine.

She is working so hard and recovering well, it appears. Head injuries are brutal and I wish her the best...
and I love seeing her beautiful smiling face.

Prayers for continued healing Gabby.



This guy needs a padded house, that's for sure.
He is at that stage when you fall over and bang your head and face numerous times a day.

He hates getting dressed. (Oh! The agony of getting a shirt pulled over your head!)


He adores his mommy and daddy. (We think he cries, Momma, when he is upset. It sure sounds like it.)


He is a baby on the go now and doesn't like being cradled.


He will happily give you the cheek if you want to kiss him.


I know he looks like a little boy,
but he is really a sponge.

A sponge with the most glorious blue eyes you ever saw.

Encourage one another,

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