Thursday, October 20, 2011

Well...Katie and I went shopping.

The distraction, remember.

We found the cutest coat in the world.
I think it's cute.
Katie thinks it's cute.

win. win.

We don't always agree on fashion. And that's a pain cause it's really hard for me to spend money on something I don't like.
And actually, I don't often.
I am a mean mom.

But yesterday choosing this jacket was pure joy.

Except for the part about the size.

I want the coat to last for two years.

The (L) is a 14-16. Just a tad big in my opinion.
Katie wanted to try on the (M) 10-12.

I said NO way.

There was a slight scuffle.

And I won.


Nothing matches it as far as mittens and hats and scarves.

But THAT is NOT a problem. :o)

Hello, Yarn Store!

Encourage one another,

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