Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Each morning I zip thru a stop light to get Katie to her ride to school.
It's always a minor miracle to get a green light.
There is a big, rolling bump in the middle of the intersection.

If you are lucky enough to get thru the light going 35 mph....or a little more.

It's just like the opening scene of "The Streets of San Francisco".

special note. sec. twenty five.

Yeah. That's exactly like my drive to school.



Watching me blog.

I think she likes me a little.

By the way, I'm slightly attached.
I hate to leave her.
She cries when I am gone and that about kills me.

And when I am away from her...I can't wait to get back.

It's like having a nursing baby at home...that draw, that pull to get back to them...but without the nursing part.


Source: via Donna on Pinterest

Look what I got for Christmas!!!

The record player sounds just wonderful to me. I think the sound is warm and perfect.

You would just die at the albums I pulled out of the basement.

Perry Como Christmas
Frank Sinatra: I remember Tommy
The Village People
Saturday Night Fever
A Star Is Born
Steve Martin:Let's Get Small
John Denver

Do you have a record player?
Did you know you can still by vinyl.

Coldplay and Mumford and Sons both sell vinyl.

I'm so old. I'm hip.


Thank you for all of the support and love!
I love you right back!


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