Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pinterest:Favorites from year one.

As far as I can tell, I started pinning things to my Pinterest boards on Jan. 21, 2011

Elliot Erwitt.

This was the moment I fell in love with Catherine.
Not a moment before.

Source: via Donna on Pinterest

These words inspired me.

These words touched my heart.

I dreamed just a little.

Source: via Donna on Pinterest

I got dressed. In my head.

Apparently I like colorful cakes...

and salads.

When the girls were little, they would play waitress.

I always ordered a Diet Dr. Pepper and a Cobb salad.

Every time.

Abbot H. Thayer.
Never heard of him before Pinterest.
Then I googled and learned more about him.

Source: via Donna on Pinterest

Pinning to my I love movies board is a special treat.

Source: via Donna on Pinterest

Who remember this?

It was on Family Classics every year. I am sure.


Source: via Donna on Pinterest

Source: via Donna on Pinterest

My All Stars.

The Cool Dad.
The Princess and
The Movie Star


As I go thru my pins I can see that I have not always Linked with Love. Many pins are not attributed to the original source.
This year I will do better.
I promise.

And that's the Pinterest news for this week.

Now. Go and watch About A Boy if you have never seen it.
It has a great message.

Marcus: Suddenly I realized - two people isn't enough. You need backup. If you're only two people, and someone drops off the edge, then you're on your own. Two isn't a large enough number. You need three at least.

The whole thing. Amazing words.

Encourage one another,

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