Monday, January 16, 2012

The Golden Globes were on last night after the worst Packer game we have seen in years.
El Stinko.

The Golden Globes on the other hand were entertaining...and that is what they are suppose to be, so that was nice.

Downton Abbey was a downer last night for many reasons....except on the Golden Globes it won for best Mini Series.

Has anyone seen Hugo? That movie looks lovely to look at? Scorsese directed it with his daughter in mind and I love that.
His films are masterpieces of drama and violence, usually. I can not wait to see his Hugo.

For as much television as I watch, I recognized very little, but got some good ideas for shows (seasons) to Tivo.
(If you do not have HBO or SHOWTIME you're kind of out of luck.)

Now on to the red carpet!!


Reese looked happy and relaxed and sexy in her red dress by Zac Posen.


Sofia Vergara. She is funny and flawless.
(But she wears this style every time. No surprise. I like surprise)


This is the very lovely Frida Pinto. Her necklace was spectacular. It was delicate and sparkling. You may think her dress is big and clunky on her. But I like it's body and texture. I also think this dress fits the occasion best...they sit at tables and chat and eat and drink at the Golden Globes. Frida was a presenter so she picked a dress that would be beautiful but does not steal the show. I like her. She's a clever young girl...and beautiful too.


Maya Rudolph from the Bridesmaids and SNL look great to me. Some thought this boring. I thought it was perfect. Her fabric was very interesting. The shape is perfect on her. I like the black. I like this very much. David Meister.

Jessica Alba looks very pretty in the color and dress. I almost think this is too tame. It's Gucci. It has a David's bridal feel to it in this picture. But she is really great all around.


Why is this picture here? Because Callista has never looked better. I'm so glad she has eased off the botox a little.
She looks wonderful. Go Callista. The earring on Harrison Ford is weird. But he has had it for a while. So that's him, I guess.


Another Zac Posen. Beautiful, beautiful model Elle. It's almost unfair. She is The Body after all.

diane agron

Here is Diane Agron. She is from Glee. This dress grew on me as I saw it on tv and then online as I was searching for winners.
This is interesting and unique, beautiful and bold.
Her hair and makeup and jewelry. Fantastic! I wonder who styled her?

The dress is by Giles. I will have to google him/her.


Viola Davis from The Help. She is so beautiful. Her dress was not my fave. But she wins for looking great on the Red Carpet.


Every year you all love Helen Mirren. She looked wonderful as usual. Not a fan of the top of this dress. I love the bottom of it and Helen's gorgeous face and hair and makeup.


Hee Haw. Oh! You are my favorite actress but dressing up is just not your thing.


Charlize. She had me at hello. Now you know I like very low cut dresses. Last award show I picked out another belly button V.
What can I say? It's not that I even think they are sexy. It must be the shape. The complete look.
She was flawless last night. Almost all the pictures I have seen from last night are just too bright and wash out the stars and their dresses...especially if the dresses were light and the hair was blond. But believe me, this was perfect.


No. She had me at hello. How interesting and beautiful and perfect and white. Who can look that great in Satin/ White. No one? Well I can think of one other, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy in her wedding gown.



And the winner is....

Charlize Theron in Dior.
It was her shoes.
I like her shoes better than Angelina's shoes.


On to the Oscars!!!

Encourage one another,

Update on Freida Pinto's dress and necklace.
(The Slumdog Millionaire actress opted for a no frills Prada ball gown so it wouldn't distract from her massive 144.96 carat yellow diamond Chopard necklace.)

Oh yeah! That's sparkly!!!

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