Friday, January 13, 2012

The fight.

The very important and valiant fight against self pity and comparison.

You see, it is easy to feel sorry for yourself and boy that hole is big and waiting.
It's hard to fight it.

It's like a black hole... with a pull.

In the quiet of my house, I can feel it yank.
The tears of bitterness want to fall.

And then I fight.

I catch myself.
I stop myself.
I scold myself.

I do not cry.
I shoo those first thoughts away.

I stomp on them when they are little.

I replace those nagging, mean, pitiful thoughts with
positive, good and true thoughts.

I encourage myself right out of it....

or I watch Downton Abbey.

Naw. Just kidding about the Downton Abbey part....
it's Dance Moms.

No really.

It's keeping this blog up.
Looking for something that will build up and encourage
keeps my wandering toes out of that black hole and looking for beauty and joy and peace to share.

Thank you for that...
for keeping me faced in the right direction.

Thankful for the snow blower.
Thankful to be done.
Happy to come in to the warm house.

Encourage one another,

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