Wednesday, July 25, 2012

and then what happened?

Katie and I have a crush on Andrew and Emma from Spiderman.

Source: via Donna on Pinterest

Jose Villa's glorious film images blow me away.
I more and more want a film camera.
Does anyone have an old Leica lying around?

I really want to eat this....and make it, I think.

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Come Halloween, this will be my pumpkin.  I am delighted that I have a plan.
I have alerted Katie to this fact.  We will have to find googlie eyes.
We've got time.

And even tho it's not award season, I have to share this dress.

Source: via Donna on Pinterest

Absolute perfection.

Somehow...  I need to make a room look like this.
Do you love wallpaper?  I do.  It came and went and came and went out of fashion.  I think it's making a comeback.
Do you remember the scene in Tootsie when Tootsie and Julie are lying in bed talking about the wallpaper in her childhood bedroom.  I do.
It is a very tender, lovely scene.

Do you know what always makes me cry?

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Emma is headed to Omaha today to visit Melinda and Matthew and Asher.
Our grass is growing and it is long and green and messy and it is beautiful.
I think I will go and get my driver's licence renewed....I'm only nine months late with it.
Ginny is sleeping so I can blog without interruption.  I'm happy.

Life is beautiful especially when it's shared.  At least that's how I feel.
Thank you for being here.

Encourage one another,