Thursday, July 12, 2012

We drove out to my favorite little park to have a picnic yesterday for lunch.


The light and the wind and the view and the company were spectacular.  (that sounds wrong..but it is not was, is it?)
This is Janet with her baby Lauren.  Janet and Dave have five children; four girls and one boy.


I had a few very willing models :o)


I just shoot and shoot and shoot.


After a delicious fish fry, we tried to find a little bit of sun left.
Janet is a model deep down. :o)
And a dancer.  She does a fabulous couch Rumba.


I think Katie took this.
They made me.
I obeyed.


And now they are gone.

I am very thankful they were able to come visit us.
I think we had a fantastic time.
I know I did :o)

Bye for now.

Tons more pictures.  I'll get to those soon.

Love ya!