Friday, July 27, 2012

Flash Back Friday
Olympic Edition


I had this picture on my bulletin board in 1972.
How I loved tiny Cathy Rigby.

In 1972 I could do a back handspring.
My friends and I practiced all summer.
My arms were not especially strong and I remember bouncing off my head over and over.

Olga Korbut was spectacular on the uneven bars.  Flipping like no one else!
This was 1972.

And then came Nadia Comeneci

Nadia's grace and strength was so special.

The girls now are manly strong.  Wait until you see the routines this year.  The girls basically do men's high bar routines on the uneven bars.  It is shocking how strong they are.  These little girls.
There is no room for gentle grace any more.  Even the floor exercise is on springs and the routines are ALL power flipping.  I don't find it as enjoyable as the dainty sprites of long ago.

The pretty is gone from the sport.

Cathy and Olga and Nadia.
I remember you.
My best Olympic heros.