Tuesday, July 17, 2012


What car company makes and sells the most cars in the whole world?





Huge surprise!



I am growing two tomato plants this year.  I have one cherry tomato plant and one big tomato plant.
For the first time I have a critter.

Miz Boo vs. The Critter

Miz Boo   1
Critter   1

This means war.


Puzzle day.

It was another really hot day for us yesterday.
Instead of spending the whole day watching the tube.
We started a puzzle.


Little helper.


Katie is learning lots at her afternoon volleyball camps.
She especially likes wearing her new volleyball shorts.
They are not allowed to wear these at school.
Katie LOVES them.

Volleyball to softball. Youth.

This picture was taken after volleyball and before softball.

She is still smiling.  What a champ.

I really made a mess of this editing on Instagram, didn't I?  Oh well.
Live and learn.

Have a great Tuesday!!

Encourage one another,