Monday, July 23, 2012

Once upon a time in Lincoln Square...


there was a beautiful cat named Digs.

Beach babes

The wind blew in from the lake and it was glorious.
It was the best I have felt in months while being outside.
Ginny had the time of her life.

She was entirely and completely in heaven at the Montrose Dog Beach.

Dear Wisconsin,
Do you have a dog beach?
Mother of Moon Doggie

Let's GO!

I LOVE the action in this picture.
In fact, it's about my favorite Instagram in a long time.

Well.  I like the one of Katie from Saturday too.


We all got such a kick out of all the dogs playing and swimming and being so good and happy.

Playmate in the wind

I was especially fond of the pair of Great Danes we were sitting near.  Amazing creatures.


Andersonville is one charming area.  This couch is outside of Brimfield on Clark.
I urge you to visit this store.  It is my favorite store in the world.  It's like walking into a magazine or Pinterest page.



Pretty in the wind

The wind blew in the windy city and then it stopped blowing and it felt like the hot summer again.
And I cried and cried.

Yogurt time

But the yogurt place had air conditioning so I did not die.

Moon doggie

I will forever remember our first visit to the dog beach and the cool wind and the happiness.

That's what I will remember.

I will say without reservation.

A good time was had by all.

The End.

Donna Elsie