Thursday, July 05, 2012

In which I celebrate.

This was the extent of the celebrating around here.
It was 104 in our town.
We all went to see Spiderman.  Again I love the people stories and less of the monster-y/bad guy thing. Ha.  But Katie and I really did LOVE Andrew and Emma in the movie!!

Then we nearly melted as we walked back to the car, parked far away.

I watered my tomato plants and played with Ginny a little bit.

Katie who doesn't seem to be bothered by the temps took Ginny for a nice long walk.

Again today we expect another 104, at least.
Our poor grass is the brownest it ever has been.  We are watering but we can't keep up.
The crab grass and weeds flourish. What's with that?

The hose


Today I go to the Dr. for a follow up.
Lots of cleaning and laundry.
A little shopping.
Emma arrives for a quick stopover.
And tonight a softball game.

We shall see if the game is cancelled because of heat this week.
Katie is hoping to play.

Happy Thursday that feels like a Sunday!

Encourage one another,